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Inaugural Royal Splashfest Event - Cool Off and Join the Fun!

A cannonball contest from the Hawaiian Makahiki Games. This years competition will be in the style of Lele Pahu - plunging feet first with a great splash (cannonball!).

Enter as a solo diver or as a team of 6. Cant find all of your crew? Pull five new friends together and create your own international Royal Splashfest team!

Friday, September 1
11:00 am – Noon
Final Registration on the Kailua Pier

Splashers Meeting

12:30 pm
Splashfest Heats Begin in Solo and Team Divisions, Culminating with the Best Splashers Advancing to the Finals

Medals & Awards Following the Competition:

  • Medals for each division – gold, silver and bronze
  • Splaher’s Grill Gift Cards
  • Kolegear Hydration Packs
  • BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin

See the entry form for rules and criteria.

For pre-registration, fill out either the SOLO or TEAM portion (whichever is applicable) of the Splashfest Registration PDF and email to amy@kaiopua.org.

You may pay your entry fee at the Queen’s Race registration office Thursday, August 31 from 1-5 pm, Friday, September 1 from 8-11 am; or at final registration on the Kailua Pier from 11 am to 12 noon.

To participate in this exciting and fun event, simply complete either Splashfest Registration Form as provided on the website under "Waiver and Docs".


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