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Queens Race dates Aug 31st - Sept 4, 2023

We hope you can join us for this years 50th Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Race. August 31st thru Sept 4, 2023
Online registration opens March 31st, 2023. 


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IMPORTANT REMINDERS - No In-Person Registration, NEW OC1/OC2 Waiver, Crew Info Sheet, Shuttle Tickets


We are almost there! Only a few days to go before the 2022 Queen Liliuokalani Races begin. To make sure the event runs smoothly, we wanted to remind people of a few things before this Thursday rolls around.


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Group Rate Available At King Kamehameha Hotel - Act Fast!

Group Rate for Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Regatta Now Available

The King Kamehamehas Kona Beach Hotel is once again offering special rates for our Queen Liliuokalani Race guests. If you have questions or need help with the link, please do not hesitate to contact...

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2022 Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Festival Covid Policy


Paddler and participant safety has always been and will continue to be a top priority for Kai Opua Canoe Club.

Following current CDC, Hawaii state and county guidelines, Kai Opua recommends that all paddlers and participants in the 2022 Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Festival be vacc...

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Post Your Favorite Queen Liliuokalani Photos!

Aloha Kakou.

While we will not be on the actual course this weekend, we can still celebrate and honor Queen Liliuokalani.

We would like you all to participate with us in a virtual photo and message celebration this weekend, Saturday, Sept 4th, through Monday, September 6th. 2021.


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Cancellation of the 2021 Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Race

In honoring our Mōī Wahine Liliuokalani, we, the members of Kai Ōpua Canoe club, endeavor to perpetuate her efforts to better the lives of the Hawaiian people.

The purpose of Kai Ōpua Canoe Clubs Queen Liliuokalani Long Distance Canoe Race is to honor her birthday, her ...

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Race Officials Scale Back 2021 Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Race to Big Island Paddling Crews Only

Kona, Hawaii (July 30, 2021) - As COVID 19 cases continue to rise, the Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Race Officials are saddened to announce that participation in the 2021 race will be limited to Big Island padd...

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2021 Queen Liliuokalani Race Update

Aloha kakou,

Kai`Opua is excited about the possibility of hosting the 49th Queen Lili`uokalani canoe races the weekend of September 4th, 2021.

Like all of you, we are looking forward to being back in the canoes and are planning to honor Queen Liliuokalani again here in Kona with races...

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Special 2021 Room Rates for the King Kamehameha Hotel


The room block for the Courtyard King Kamehamehas Kona Beach Hotel is now open and accepting bookings until August 1, 2021. Please see the information below. You can also call the hotel directly at 808-329-2911 to make a reservation.

Heres your reservation link your guests...

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Queen Liliuokalani Long Distance Canoe Race Postpones Iconic September Event

Kailua-Kona (May 20, 2020) - In early March, the sport of outrigger canoe racing came to a stop and since then has been unable to take place on any shores in Hawaii or elsewhere in the world. Race officials announced this week that the iconic 2020 Queen Liliuokalani Long Distance Canoe Race, name...

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As news continues to develop around the Corona Virus (COVID-19), Kai Opua Canoe Clubs Executive Board have decided to proceed with the original date of the 2020 Queen Liliuokalani Long Distance Canoe Race week set for Thursday, September 3 through Monday, September 7 in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. &...

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Whats New & Other Q.L. Updates

We would like to extend our gratitude for your participation in our event. We appreciate your support and look forward to another exciting year of racing.

We regret to announce that the Royal Splashfest will not be taking place this year. However, on...

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Uncle Bos Celebration of Life

Come and celebrate the life of Uncle Bo, an outrigger canoe race legend who worked tirelessly to perpetuate the sport of outrigger canoe paddling. Paddling was the heart of this wonderfully dedicated man. He will be forever missed.

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Special Statement About Uncle Bo...

It is with a heavy heart that Kai Opua Canoe Club confirms that Lawrence "Uncle Bo" Campos is terminally ill. As President of our club, and long time member of the Hawaii paddling community, Uncle Bo has touched the lives of thousands of paddlers around the world and navigated us all to incredibl...

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Update - Aug 28 - Notification about Canoe Availability

Aloha kakou,
We are really excited about our races coming up, and we look forward to seeing all of you in Kona. We have been getting a number of questions about canoe availability, and hopefully we can answer some of your questions.

We are allocating our canoes to out of state requests ...

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Live Feed Questionnaire for Saturdays Races

The Queen Liliuokalani Races are excited to announce that the Saturdays races will be covered LIVE on our Facebook page. Catch all the action starting at 7:30am by visiting our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/Queen...

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Reminders - Late Fees After Aug 29 and Worlds Qualifyer - 70s+

The Queen Liliuokalani Races are just around the corner and were certain that you are just as excited about the upcoming event as we are. And to make sure everything runs smoothly, we wanted to send out a reminder that we do charge late fees on certain events if you wait too long to register...

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QL is 6man Hawaii Qualifier For 2019 IVF World Distance Championships

As paddlers line up for the 2018 Queen Liliuokalani Long Distance Canoe races on the Labor Day weekend, Hawaii Canoe Racing Association members will also be competing for qualifying slots at the 2019 International Vaa Federation (IVF) World Distance Championships. The Quee...

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Junior Crews Added to Saturday Races


Do to several requests, we have decided to allow Junior crew entries into the 6-person Iron and 9-person change out races for Saturday. The crews must all consist of paddlers aged 16 through 18 to qualify. Note - the age is determined by the paddlers age on race day. This is the...

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Registration Procedures - Late/Walk-In Registrations

**NOTE - Please bring in waivers/IDs to registration check-in. We will no longer be accepting waivers and IDs via email.


We would once again like to thank everyone who has supported the Queen Liliuokalani Races held in beautiful Kailua-Ko...

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Rental Canoes No Longer Available for Wahine & Mixed 40s

Mahalo to all the registrants in the upcoming Queen Liliuokalani races for your support. Unfortunately, we have reached our limit for rental canoes FOR THE WAHINE (women) AND MIXED 40s races on Saturday. If you choose to race these events, you will be responsible for securing your own canoe at th...

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Inaugural Royal Splashfest Event - Cool Off and Join the Fun!

A cannonball contest from the Hawaiian Makahiki Games. This years competition will be in the style of Lele Pahu - plunging feet first with a great splash (cannonball!).

Enter as a solo diver or as a team of 6. Cant find all of your crew? Pull five new friends together and create your own in...

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New Waiver Form Requirement

There has been an update to the waiver forms required for racing at this years Queen Liliuokalani events. Each crew member is required to complete our standard 2017 waiver found at https://www.qlcanoerace.com/publicdocs/201...

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New Website for the Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Races

KAILUA-KONA - The Kai Opua Canoe Club is excited to announce that we have updated our website for the Queen Liliuokalani Races. The website, which is hosted at www.QLCanoeRace.com , has been developed for todays technologies, with a new mobile friendly des...

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