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Update - Aug 28 - Notification about Canoe Availability

Aloha kakou,
We are really excited about our races coming up, and we look forward to seeing all of you in Kona. We have been getting a number of questions about canoe availability, and hopefully we can answer some of your questions.

We are allocating our canoes to out of state requests first. When you registered, and where you are travelling from are also considerations. We normally receive enough canoes from the barge shipments to fill our requests, but this year, as you know, that was impacted by the hurricane. We know many of you have preferences as to what canoe types you like, and we will try to provide that, but again, we are limited by availability. At this point, it looks like we have enough canoes for all our current requests, but the availability is a constantly changing element, and we can’t guarantee what type of canoe you will have.

While you are here, you are a part of our ohana, our family, and we will show you the Aloha we share with each other. Mahalo for your patience and understanding, and we will see you in Kona.

Kai Opua Canoe Club

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