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I am a female Paddler and I need a crew. I will race the iron race on Sat and I would love racing in Sunday double hull and Monday sprint races. I can race Open, 40+ , 50+ and 55+
This is my Resume:
I am a paddler of Hokuloa Club in Ventura.
I have been racing iron and 9-men races for 4 seasons, including Catalina Crossing for 3 times, Queen Lili in Kona for 2 times and MBX in North CA.

My W50+ OC6 crew got 1st place on 4 of the 5 2019 iron races and got 2nd in the other one. We medaled every race of the 2018 season - Including:
1. 3rd place in State Championship for the W50+ Divisions
2. 3rd place in USA Championship in Catalina Crossing
3. 1st Place in MBX race in Santa Cruz
1. (2) Completed Queen Lili Iron Race
2. 2nd place in the 5 Miles Sprints - 50+ Mix Queen Lili Race\
3. 2nd place in the Master Mix - Double Hull - Queen Lili Race
4. Participated in a few OC1 races for the Winter Series
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Hi Luisa!!!

Pam here from OSC...we are looking for a woman for our double hull on sun...call me 831 419 2754

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hi Luisa,

not sure if my prior post when thru. Pam here!!! from OSC my email is pam@pamsunique.com and cell is 831 419 2754. Call me!!

aloha, Pam
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HI. Are still looking for wahine paddler? I would like to paddle on your double hull crew on Sunday. I'm signed up to paddle with a Seattle masters crew on Monday. I have a lifetime of water experience, paddling, SUP surfing, racing and paddling, 1-man, surfing, bodyboarding. Can paddle Open or Masters crews, any seats, stroker to steersman. Dallas. 808-497-1790. Reply 3 of 4
Hi, I am a female paddler looking for a seat for the Sunday Double Hull Women's. From New York Outrigger. Let me know if there is an open seat, thank you! Reply 4 of 4


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