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Hi! The Outrigger Club United Kingdom (OCUK) team requires men and women for our men's and women's open iron race teams. We are a fun, friendly and fit group. If you are free to paddle please can you get in touch by emailing four@nucleus.com? Thank you! Siobhan
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Although I am a 70 y.o, I can hang with almost any group of paddlers. I can make a strong addition to your crew should you find yourself still short a paddler after filling all the seats you can. I have participated in the QL twice (30 years ago!) and have done 4 Molokai crossings, one in which we came in 4th out of 70 boats. I am adding a YouTube link to both a distance race and a 1000 meter sprint race I was in this year so that you can determine if my approach and strength are good fits for your crew. I am in seat 4 both times. Our club is fortunate to have a crew mate that mounts GoPros on all the boats! Sincerely, Rick Fraser
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Kia ora, I'm available for iron race, fit and good for seat 2-5. Email tewananga@aniwaniwa.school.nz Age 64. Reply 2 of 5
I sent an email also, but I'd love to paddle with you guys, and I am all booked and arriving on Wed. I have done the race before. If it matters, I am a strong and very fun 43/yo U.S.-imported Aussie female. I paddle seat 3, 4, 5 and I paddle 4-5 times a week for Lanakila Outrigger club in California.

Anyway, please keep me in mind if you need to fill any gaps as I will be there and available and I promise I bring good energy to the boat and I'm a LOT of fun to race and um,...post race party with!

My email is kedwards75@gmail.com and my phone number is 310-765-0653 if you need to reach me. Cheers, Karen
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Hi Siobhan,
If you are still looking for a male paddler Email me on renne.gleissner@bigpond.com. I have done this race in 2015. Have done Napalli in 2017 & Catalina in 2018.
Renne Gleissner
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Hi, Siobhan, I'd love to be considered for what looks to be a fun group. I've done this race before in 2015, and am in great shape to race this year as well. Just completed a 20-mile race in Dana Point, California where our open women's team won 3rd place, then I turned around and did the same race with the men's crew back to back :)

Any seat 2 through 5 is good for me. I arrive on Friday at 3:30p, which I realize is a bit on the late side, but I'll be ready to rock on Saturday morning with you.

Please contact Renee Oliver at :

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